Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Year of Projects

No resolutions for me this year, I always seem to break them. Instead, this year, I will have goals and projects. My One Little Word for the new year is finance. I've built up some bad credit in the past, and my goals this year are to eliminate most of my debt and to up my credit score. I also have a goal to find a stable job that I will stay at for at least a year. My goals for this year are based on preparing for the future: fixing my credit, getting rid of debt, finding a stable job, investing for the future, and going back to college, among others.

Other than that goal, I have a bunch of projects that I would like to complete this year. This year is gonna have a lot of reflections on my inner self. All of these projects will eventually end up in a scrapbook, but for now, most of them are about looking inside of my self and journaling, a lot. This year really is about me. I'm trying to leave the nest, for good this time. I don't have any kids, no husband, no boyfriend, no attachments. This is the perfect year to focus on me. I also know that I've been a horrible blogger. Hopefully all of these projects will keep my blog updated. Sorry if none of these posts are useful to you other than reading up on my life. This blog is really just going to be a reflection of my life. Here is a list of the projects that I will be joining this year - as of right now. Some are linked to homepages..

  • Project 365 - not exactly sure where this started, so there's no link for it. I tried to start this for 2010, but lost interest by Feb. Hopefully this year will be different. I have simpler goals for this year for this project.
  • Day Zero Project - I started this in the past, back in 2009. I want to re-start this challenge, with new goals and new dates. When I started this project my goals weren't really important and some of them I lost interest in.
  • Live a Better Life in 30 Days Challenge (30DLBL) - I just going to start this is December, but I decided to wait for the new year.
  • Project: Love, Me - This is my only project that will focus a lot of scrapbooking. But it would work for anybody, not just scrapbookers. I just choose to put more scrapbooking detail into this one than the rest.
Let's start this new year with a bang! :]