Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday is over

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Whew! Black Friday is over! I did so much shopping today, I think its more than I've done with whole month! Make that two months! I got a netbook from Best Buy. I had to wait in line for two hours to pick it up. Then I went to Walmart, came home, slept, and went back to Walmart and Best Buy. Too much shopping for me. Hahaha. I've only accomplished a little over the past few days, but I haven't completed any more goals yet.

018. Lose 50 pounds [3/50]: Woo! Three whole pounds! Hahaha...I probably gained it back from Thanksgiving dinner.
027. Take 10 one-day breaks from the Internet [3/10]: I was so busy and tired today from Black Friday shopping that I didn't even think about going on the internet, or even the computer, for that matter.

Hmmm...that's all for now. Here's my to-do list for tomorrow:

001. Find a new book, and read 2 chapters
014. Find more quotes, upload, and blog about it
061. Watch another movie

I also need to go to the library, the post office, Walmart, the bank, and Joann. Hmm...I best get to sleep then. Good night everyone!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Long time no see

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Sorry for the long wait. Its been a crazy week. Finals is a week and a half away. I finished all my speeches in speech class. Now I just have to wait for everyone else to finish, and to take my final. For my english class, I still have to write my final paper. Both my final speech and paper both have to be persuasive so I think I will write my paper on the same topic as my speech. Other than school, blogging life as been crazy too. Lately, I've been trying to drop 300 each on all 3 of my blogs. I still have yet to succeed though. I've only been able to get 300 on the two. Also, I am getting ready for a contest I will be hosting on my main blog [ travelin' with marie ] for December. It will be a holiday contest with a Christmas theme. Right now, I am still looking for sponsors. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, then leave me a comment in [ this post ].

With everything else pushed aside, here are some updates to my list. Not much, I regret to admit, but here goes...
063. Watch all 8 seasons of Charmed [5/8]: I am now on Season 6. I love Charmed, and I thought I had watched all the episodes, but I was wrong. A lot of the episodes from seasons 4&5 I don't remember. As for season 6, I don't think I've seen any. Not sure though..
096. Reach 50 followers on this blog [25/50]: 25 followers! Woohoo! Thank you so much!

And I hate to say...that's it. Wow, I think its time for another to-do list. I will make one tonight. Does anyone want to help me out with this task?

100. Inspire 5 people to create their own lists [0/5]

Monday, November 16, 2009

To-Do List Results

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Hmm..I went to meet my speech partner and I went to the Post Office. I also worked on my DVD inventory. As for my other non-related items, I didn't do them. I haven't had time to create the postcards and I haven't put in my order yet. My coupon expires tomorrow so if I don't create more items by tonight, then I'll just put in the order that I already have set up. As for my list, here is what I've accomplished:

001. Read 50 books [2/50]: I finished my book last night! I didn't expect to finish it, but I did. I read One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. Now I need to start a new book.
034. Send 50 postcards via [50/50]: COMPLETED! Yay! I finally sent out 50 postcards. I sent my final two today. You should try Postcrossing. Its really fun.
092. Add 200 more DVDs to my collection [94/200]: I finished my inventory. I guess I had my numbers messed up. I thought my starting point was at 200, but it was actually at 300, so I've only added 94 movies instead of what I thought I did. But that's ok, that's still a lot of movies in only two months!

Well, that's all I did for today. I completed 3 out 5 tasks on my to-do list. I guess that's ok.

Things to do: Monday

My last to-do list worked out pretty well and it was easy for me to keep track of what I needed to do. So, here's my list for tomorrow:

001. Read at least 3 chapters.
031. Put together a box because this week is the national collection week.
034. Send out 4 more postcards.
063. Finish the last episodes of the 5th season.
092. Update my inventory, then update my blog.

I think that's all. I also need to do other things that aren't necessarily related to my list:

Meet my speech partner at 4PM
Go to the post office
Create postcards for friends
Put in an order on the Kodak Gallery
Set up a Washington road trip for when my hubby comes back

Well, I guess they are related to my list, just not directly related. I'll update later to let you know what I've accomplished..♥

Another Update

**This post was part of my old 101 challenge blog, and was merged over.

Didn't do much today. Well, technically its 12:19 AM, so I guess it was yesterday. However, since I wasn't on the computer, I was able to contribute to one of my goals. Here is what I did:

001. Read 50 books [1/50]: I read a couple of chapters from my current book. I hope to finish it before the end of the month. The book doesn't take me long to read, I just haven't had time to get around to reading it.
027. Take 10 one-day breaks from the Internet [2/10]: Since I wasn't on the Internet, or even on the computer, I get to cross one day off. I feel proud. And I didn't even try to stay away from the computer. I was just doing too many things that I didn't even get a chance to go on the computer. It doesn't bother me either. But I'm back now. I guess I can't stay away for too long.
080. Earn $100 from blogging in one year [$15.01/$100]: I've made $16.02 as of 11/14/09. That's $1.01 since my last update and $2.65 for the month so far.
092. Add 200 more DVDs to my collection [100+/200]: I honestly have gotten so many new movies that I haven't had a chance to sit down, and add everything to my inventory. Maybe I should do that tomorrow...hmm. The last time I did inventory, I was at 100+. So I'm not sure where I'm at now. Maybe I should really do that tomorrow, who knows, maybe I'll have already accomplished this goal? Hmmm...maybe I'll do it now.
096. Reach 50 followers on this blog [22/50]: Yay! 22 followers! I am almost halfway to my goal. And I'm waaaayyyyy less than halfway through my challenge. So, I guess I'm doing good on this part. But, I can't take all credit. I want to say thank you to all of my followers and being loyal to me. Thank you.

I also watched a movie but I have already seen before so I'm not able to add it to my list. Alright. That is all for now. I'm sorry there weren't any pictures. Hopefully I will be able to add some more updates tomorrow, and hopefully will pictures. See y'all soon! ♥

Saturday, November 14, 2009

One More Down!

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Here's what I've accomplished in the last three days..♥

061. Watch 26 movies starting with each letter of the alphabet [13/26]: I watched G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Kit Kittredge: An American Girl. Both are good movies.

070. Watch a movie from the year I was born (1989): Yesterday I watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I didn't really like it, but I watched it because it was from the year I was born. Well, that's one more down. Yay!

I guess I've been on a movie spree :]
Hopefully I will accomplished some more this weekend. See y'all later!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To-Do List Accomplished

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..Well, most of it anyway. Today I woke up at 8am. Went to my dentist appointment at 9am. My appointment sucked. The lady kept putting that sucking thing so far down my throat I felt like I was going to choke on it. Ugh. She does not have good customer service. She was the assistant, and I have a lot of complaints. Anyways, at 10am, I went to the bookstore and picked up my book that I had on hold for me. Then, I went to the post office and dropped off my postcards. As for my list, this is what I did today:

001. I read two chapters of my book. I plan to read a couple more chapters tonight before I go to sleep.
017. I drank 3 bottles of water. And I'm still sick. Ugh..need more cough medicine.
028. I woke up at 8am for my dentist appointment.
034. Mailed my postcards today, which brings my total to 45 sent postcards.
035. I donated 2060 grains of rice. Woohoo! Much more than my goal for today.
061. I watched The Promotion. For have two famous lead characters, it didn't seem that a great movie. It was good, but not great. I still liked it though.
063. I watched Disc 3 of season 5 of Charmed.

I haven't read up on my U.S. history, but that's ok. I pretty much was able to cover everything else. I feel accomplished. Well, that's all for tonight. Good night everyone.

Things to do: Wednesday

**This post was part of my old 101 challenge blog, and was merged over.

I thought I should post a list of things I should do today. Well, that is, things that involve my list. I will post my updates on them later on, but for now, here is my list..♥

001. Read a few chapters of my latest book
012. Read a book on U.S. history
017. Drink 3 bottles of water (especially because I'm still sick)
028. Wake up before 10am (which means..I should get to bed now)
034. Mail two postcards to make my total sent at [45/50]
035. Donate at least 200 grains of rice
061. Watch a movie (most likely going to be G.I. Joe)
063. Watch a couple of episodes of Charmed (I'm in the middle of season 5 now!)

Not really too much to do.. because some don't take that long to complete.. like waking up, mailing postcards, and donating rice. So, I think it'll be a good to-do list. Hopefully I remember to work on this list. Other things I need to do today, that may or may not be related to my list:

Go to dentist appointment
Go to post office (like I said earlier)
Gather friends' addresses
Pick up book from used bookstore
Update list of playing cards and DVDs (for blog and inventory)

That's all..♥ See y'all later! ♥

New Layout (again ♥)

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Hi everyone! I have a new layout with different colors (again!). I was kind of getting tired of the last layout, so I changed it. I've been sick for the past week, so I haven't been in the mood to update (like usual, I'm sorry!), but I have a dentist appointment early in the morning tomorrow and I will most likely be wide awake afterwards. I plan on updating my blog and hopefully complete some tasks as well..(hopefully). So tell me, how do you like the new layout? Have a great night.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

October Update

**This post was part of my old 101 challenge blog, and was merged over.

Hi again. I'm sorry, I have not done much progress with this challenge. I have some updates for you today, though. I have really been swamped with school lately, and next quarter I will be able to graduate. Yay!

021. Take multi-vitamins everyday for a month [30/30] 10/14/09
COMPLETED! This was a boring, but healthy goal. As of today, I have taken vitamins everyday since I started this challenge.
034. Send 50 postcards via [40/50]
I am almost done with this one! I only have a few more the send out, which I should be able to finish my the end of November, if not sooner.
080. Earn $100 from Adgitize in one year [$13.37/$100]
I earned my first payment today! I am so happy! :] I guess you really can earn money from blogging.
083. Buy a new digital camera 10/10/09
COMPLETED! I love my new camera. Check out my full post for more details.

I have some other updates as well, but they aren't really update worthy, so you can check out my master list, here, to check out my overall progress.

Overall, I think it was an okay month. Kinda slow, but I did get 2 goals completed. Hopefully November will be a better month. I hope to get some more travel within this month also. I plan to travel to Forks, Washington! The home of Twilight! :] I only live about 3-4 hours away. While I'm up there, hopefully I can visit Victoria, B.C. also. Wish me luck. And see you next time!