Sunday, October 25, 2009


**This post was part of my old 101 challenge blog, and was merged over.

Ok, I know that I keep saying that I will update. And I'm sorry. But again, this is another one of those times that I can't give you a full update. I haven't really done that much stuff towards my list lately, anyway. But I have sent a lot more postcards and I wanted to update you on that goal.

034. Send 50 postcards via [35/50]

Postcards Exchange

Last time I updated, I was at 26 postcards. Now, I have sent 35. Big improvement? I sure hope so. And I've gotten lots of cards in return. You should go check em out. Some of them are really cool/pretty looking.
See that link ^^ ? Please click on it. You'll love the postcards that you see. And who knows, maybe you'll become interested in Post Crossing too. Do you want to swap? Send me a message here.

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