Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Time To Get Focused

After realizing that I haven't worked on ANYTHING since September, my goal for this month - and the rest of the year - is to get FOCUSED. I have a few challenges that I want to work on this month, as well as mini goals for myself. I've always loved my blog name, but I never really been able to define what it means. I've finally realized what it means. This blog is about my life, that part is obvious. I used to think my name meant to explore the world, learn to love it, and grow from my experiences. But it's even bigger than that. It means explore my inner self, love my passions, and grow from experiences.

As for challenges, this is what I plan on working on this month:
1. 101 Challenge - I need to put effort into actually completing this goal.
2. 21-Day Journaling Challenge - I love journaling (especially being a scrapper!) and I think this would be good for me to explore my inner self, my #1 goal for this blog.

Shouldn't be too hard, right?

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