Saturday, February 5, 2011

Project Update

Sooo.. I finally updated my blogwear. Now it looks nice and pretty! I love the new look. I know it's been a while since I've updated and scrapped.. ugh. At the end of last month, I got a new laptop. It's faster, slimmer, and a whole lot better. I finally have a laptop that I can use for Photoshop. Before I had to use a different computer and Photoshop would always crash on me. This laptop is totally different. I was able to complete two LOs tonight and it didn't crash on me at all! :]

I will get to the new LOs soon, but first I wanted to update my projects. I know I'm such a slacker and I hate to admit this, but I haven't started any of my projects. As for P365, I'm throwing it in the bucket. I have been doing something else that similar to it though. My new laptop has a webcam and I use to take, what I call, an almost daily snapshot. I try to take a snapshot everyday but I have missed some days and that's okay with me. Who really needs 365 photos anyway? At the end of every month, I will compile the photos and put it in a LO or 2-pager, depending on the amount of photos. And at the end of the year I probably will pick my favorites and make another 2-pager.

On to the Day Zero Project. I've decided to just update my last list and keep the same date. I figure it's less time to complete the goals. And that makes it more of a challenge, right? I probably will update my list soon, once I figure out what to put on it. I still want to do the 30 day challenge and the Love, Me Project, but I think they will have to wait. Starting too many projects at one time is too much for me at the moment. Right now I'm focusing on getting into and paying for colleges. Personal projects can come later.

Okay, I know I said I was gonna post the LOs but they will have to wait for tomorrow. Good night everyone! :]

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